"How I Built My First Software Business That Makes Me $2000-10000 Monthly  Without Writing One Line Of Code Or Have Any Previous Experience And With Little Budget"

You Can Also Copy My 5 Different Secret Models And Build Your Own Profitable SAAS Business In 3 Days, Even If You Don't Have Any Experience Or Any Product Ideas.

Check Out What Some Of My Students Have To Say.

Check Out How I Was Generating Income In Dollars When I Just Started My SAAS Business Few Years Ago.

I Was Just A Learner Then....

These are not bad figures for a beginner...

Those screenshots above are few of my income from my solo SAAS products when i just started few years ago.

I made those money without spending any money on ads from softwares that i launched without any programming knowledge.

These are just chicken change...

Let me show you a few bigger figures now...

If You Think Those Ones Are Just Chicken Change, What About These Ones Below?

Dont That Forget I Was Still Learning .....


Those revenue were generated without spending any money on ads from softwares that i launched without any programming knowledge.

These are not just chicken change again ...

You can also generate bigger figures than all these, from your own software business without any programing skills.

Don't Worry I Am About To Show You How I Started And Moved  On To Join The League Of 7 Figures SAAS Founders.... 

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in starting a profitable business, here's my suggestion…

 Sell Software As A Service (SAAS) Products.

What is Software As A Service (SAAS) Business and why should you care?

Software As A Service (SAAS) Business is one of the most profitable  business models in the world right now.

Have you heard of successful Tech Startups like Shopify, Amazon,SalesForce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Netflix, Binance SalesUltimo, Selar, Expatnaire, Wamation or Stakecut before?

They all offer Software As A Service to their customers. Some of these business are multi billion Dollar corporations , while some of them are own by young founders like you.

You may not have expertise and huge fund like them, but you can  become a SAAS founder today and make tons of money like they are doing with ease.

What do you do as SAAS owner?

You sell easy to make SAAS to real people and businesses , who need software solutions to solve their problems,

and when you do, they will HAPPILY pay you a lot of  recurring money monthly or yearly.

That means they will be paying monthly fee like real estate rentals.

Like this SEO Software 

My name is Muri.  


In 2019 (that was 5 years ago), I landed on what you would call a GOLDMINE.

First, I discovered amazing opportunities in software business after joining an expensive  software business coaching programme on How To Create Profitable Software As A Service Business.

Then, I found a thread on Facebook Group for bloggers and digital marketers  where a lot of people were asking discussing about frustrations they are facing with SEO tools and their challenges.

This gave me an idea.

That idea was to research, create and sell them profitable SEO  tools that will solve or minimize their problems.

By then, although i was web designer, but i was not a programmer and cant code spoftware by myself.

 I didn’t have fund to hire a team of developers and dont have enough resources to pay expensive freelance software developers also.


So, I decided to use the fastrack and EASY to deploy SAAS models that i learnt from my coach then and did something different.

I researched and setup easy to deployed SEO software withing 48 hours.


Within 2 days, my brand new SEO SAAS business was ready.

After the successful launching as a beginner, i acquired about 1200 paying customers and generated over $60,000  in revenue withing 1 month.

So I continued my marketing strategies.

Again, sales skyrocketed.

I built mores Softwares without writing one line of code using the secrets models I learnt.

After that, I continued to scale vertically and horizontally.  The results were amazing.

And this trend continues.

6 months later, I have generated over $300,000 in revenues without coding experience, developer team or funding from any investor.


Then, I bought a new house in Lagos using the money generated from selling my own Sofwtare products without any programming  knowledge.


Today, my SAAS  Business now currently doing 8 figures in turnover.


I am the founder of SalesUltimo, Seoblazer, Linknave,Seonave and Technavel.

As It stands  today.

    I’ve generate average of $428,092.32 in recurring revenue.
    I’ve never hired a single developer to achieved this.

    I started from my home office  before ssetting up my current office where i run  cchains of businesses from, using the proceed of my SAAS business.

    I have the freedom to choose what I want to work on.

    I get to provide my users with real value they happily pay for.

I’ve consumed countless books, articles, podcasts, and Youtube videos. While making tons of mistakes along the way.

And now I want to share everything I've learned with you.

Before  Then,Check Out Me In Pictures With Former President, Vice President And Finance Minister Of My Country At State House, Abuja.

 Muri  receiving award from  former President Goodluck Jonathan at State House, Abuja

Muri with former Vice President Zambo at State House, Abuja , while Federal Ministers give  rounds of applause..


You can see I have come a long way....

This is not about me.

It all is about you.

It is about how you can also be successful and BUILD YOUR OWN PROFITABLE SOFTWARE BUSINESS AND GENERATE TONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFITS even if you don't have any programming  knowledge and YOU DON'T NEED TO WRITE ONE LINE OF CODE.




Here's The Deal…

Even though I made a boatload of money from software business, I also made a lot of stupid mistakes.

Because of what I know today, I had known then, I could have made 10 times more money with my early Softwares.

Thankfully those mistakes I never repeated again.

And since then, it's been a beautiful business to do.

– Lots of customers

– They have money in their hand

And. . .

– They are willing to pay NOW!

Selling Software As A Service (SAS)  is an easy  to start and money making business model to do if you know your way around and willing to do a little bit of work.

It's my bread and butter. I know it like I know the back of my hand.

Have A Look At What Customers Have To Say About Easy SAAS Business Masterclass:

It Is Your Turn To Share Amazing Testimonies With Me After Launching Your Own Successful Software Business.

If you are ready to earn more dollars , I am willing to show you how to do it now.



Easy SAAS Business Masterclass is the step-by-step hands on experience masterclass that shows you how to build, scale, and profit from your own software as a service (SAAS) product without coding or programming knowlegde, even if you have no previous experience and With Low Budget.

You can get started with less than $100 budget.

 This the easiest way to build a profitable monthly reccurring money making software business without any programming knowledge and with low budget, so you can achieve financial freedom.

 Learn how to find and validate your SAAS idea, build an addictive product, and market your SaaS successfully to thousands of  potential customers with ease.

  In This Course, You Will Discover How To Start A  Profitable Monthly Recurring Software As A Service ( SAAS) Business And How To Build A Profitable Monthly Software Business Without Any Programming Knowledge. 

This is not one of those NO CODE kinds of stuffs.

Its a life-changing course will transform your finances and build you a profitable monthly recurring income business.


You will be able to develop your own profitable SAAS product by yourself in a few days without hiring a developer or spending a huge budget.

From understanding the fundamentals of SAAS to identifying profitable niches and executing successful launches, this course covers every aspect you need to know to kickstart your SAAS entrepreneurial journey.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn:

    Introduction to Easy SAAS Business Masterclass: Get acquainted with the course objectives and what you can expect to achieve by the end of the training.

    Understanding SAAS: Dive deep into the concept of Software as a Service and its various manifestations, including Micro-SAAS, and explore real-world examples of successful SAAS businesses.

    Researching Profitable SAAS Ideas: Learn effective methods to research and validate potential SAAS ideas to ensure maximum profitability.

    Launch Strategies: Discover six proven methods to launch a successful SAAS business, even on a shoestring budget, including easy "done-for-you" and ready-made solution models.

    Domain Registration and Hosting: Master the art of choosing the best domain name, registering it, and selecting reliable hosting providers for your SAAS platform.

    Software Installation and Configuration: Gain hands-on experience in setting up your SAAS platform, including creating sub-domains, configuring databases, and uploading software files.

    Marketing Tips: Uncover powerful marketing strategies to promote your SAAS business, and optimizing your sales funnel for maximum conversions.

    Building SAAS Products: Learn how to develop various types of SAAS products, including eCommerce marketplaces, CRM and ERP systems, email marketing autoresponders, classified portals, chatbot platforms, affiliate marketplaces, website builders, and job portals without any programming knowledge or heft budget.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking to diversify your revenue streams, "Easy SAAS Business Masteclass" equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the competitive world of SAAS.

Get access now and take the first step towards building a profitable monthly software business that can transform your life!

 Here are the key benefits of getting access to this course:

    Accessible Learning: Gain comprehensive knowledge about starting a SAAS business without any prior programming experience. This course breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand modules, making it accessible for beginners.

    Profitable Opportunities: Discover how to identify lucrative SAAS niches and research profitable ideas that have the potential to generate consistent monthly income.

    Cost-Effective Strategies: Learn proven methods to launch and grow your SAAS business with minimal investment, ensuring you don't break the bank while building your venture. ( I will Show You How To Get Started With Less Than $100 Budget)

    Diverse Business Models: Explore various SAAS business models, including "done-for-you" solutions, reseller models, and whitelabel options, to find the approach that best fits your goals and resources.

    Technical Skills Development: Acquire practical skills in domain registration, hosting setup, software installation, and configuration, empowering you to build and manage your SAAS platform confidently.

    Marketing Mastery: Uncover effective marketing strategies tailored specifically for SAAS businesses, including leveraging PLATFORMS THAT WILL HELP YOU MARKET YOUR SOFTWARE WITHOUT SPENDING YOUR  OWN MONEY ON ADS, and optimizing your sales funnel for maximum conversions.

    Versatile Product Development: Learn how to develop a wide range of SAAS products, from e-commerce marketplaces to CRM systems, email marketing autoresponders, chatbot platforms, and more, allowing you to diversify your offerings and cater to different markets, without writing one line of code..

    SAAS Entrepreneurial Empowerment: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful SAAS entrepreneur, enabling you to create sustainable income streams and achieve financial independence.

    Real-World Examples: Gain insights from real-world examples of successful SAAS businesses, helping you understand what works and how to apply those strategies to your own venture.

    Lifetime Access and Updates: Enjoy lifetime access to course materials, including any future updates or additions, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in the dynamic SAAS industry.

By enrolling in this course, you're not just learning how to build a profitable SAAS business—you're investing in your future success as an entrepreneur in the digital age.

To help you decide if this training is for you or not, here are some of the secrets that will be revealed in it:

  • Introduction To Easy SAAS Expert
  • What Is SAAS
  • What Is Micro-SAAS
  • Does SAAS Really Work
  • Examples of Popular SAAS Business
  • Why You Need To Launch Your Own SAAS Business Now
  • What You Need To Launch Your Own Profitable SAAS Business
  • How To Research For Profitable SAAS Idea
  • 6 Methods To Build SAAS Business
  • How To Launch A Successful SAAS Business
  •  How To Start Your Own SAAS With Less than $100 And Grow Big
  • How To Start Your Own SAAS With With Easy To Use Solutions
  • What You Need to Know About Licenses Of Softwares
  •  Best Safe Hosting Companies To Host Your SAAS
  •  How To Come Up With Best Domain
  • What You Need To Know Before Registering Domain Name
  •  Software Files Installations
  • Creating Sub-Domain And Changing Public Directory
  • Database Creation And Configurations
  •  Uploading And Configurations Of Software Files
  •  Marketing Tips
  • SAAS Sales Funnel Strategies
  •  How To Start Ecommerce Marketplace Like Amazon
  •  How To Start Ecommerce Store Builder SAAS Like Shopify
  • How To Start CRM and ERP SAAS Like Hubspot or Saleforce
  • How To Start Email Marketing Autoresponder Linke Getresponse or Mailchimp
  • How To Start Classified Portal Like OLX or JIJI
  • How To Start Chatbot SAAS Like Chatfuel Or Mannychat
  • How To Start Affiliate Marketplace Like Clickbank and JVZOO
  •  How To Start Website Builder Like Wix
  •  How To Start Job Portal like Indeed or Jobberman
  • How To Start Your Own Design Software Like Canva
  •  How To Start Your Own Marketing Video Software Like Doodly
  • And How To Launch Your Own Profitable SAAS Now

All These Sounds Great… But Does Anyone Actually Make Money With SAAS Products?.


Benjamin Dell, the founder of Missinglettr, bootstrapped  his startup, Missinglettr and 

Generated Over $140,000 Within Two Weeks Deal Launch

...and moved on to earn $100,000+ additional Annual Reccurring Revenue (ARR).



Matt Byrom, the founder of Project.co, bootstrapped Project.co, and 

Generated  $93,884  In Revenue Within First 3 Weeks Deal Launch,

...and moved on to earn $100,000+ additional Annual Reccurring Revenue (ARR).


SEO Buddy

Romain Brabant, the  co-founder of SEO Buddy and his partners, bootstrapped SEO Buddy and 

Generated over $90,000 In Revenue During First  Launch


Komodo Deck

Khanan Grover, the founder of Komodo Deck, bootstrapped Komodo Deck, and 

Generated Over $130,000  On Revenue During Their First Launch,

...and moved on to earn $100,000+ additional Annual Reccurring Revenue (ARR)..



Vikram Chalana, the founder of Pictory and his team, bootstrapped Pictory, and 

Generated Over $100,000 Monthly Reccurring Revenue(MRR) After The 60-Day Campaign,


Suumit Shah and Subhash Choudhary are the Co-founder of Dukaan.

Generated Over $140,000  In Revenue During Their First Launch

They  lated raised about $11 million to help merchants in India set up online stores



Formaloo Team

Generated Over $100,000 In Revenue Within First 2 Weeks Of Deal Launch,


You Can See That People Like You Are Actually Making Money With SAAS Products? 

Ok, you’ve just went through a fairly complete description of what you will learn when you partake in this remarkable training.


And it only costs $50/N30,000/GH¢ 419.5/KSh 3,101.04  today

 …and…it is guaranteed to change your life forever.

This training will be called “Easy SAAS Business Masterclass : How To Build Your Own Software As A Service (SAAS) Business From Zero To $10,000 Monthly Without Writing One Line Of Code And No Programming Skills , Even If You Are A Complete Beginner”

And   you'll receive about 10 Hours Of 70 premium training  videos to implement  and you will be able to access all videos on your unique dashboard even if you join today.

Here's another thing to be aware of: The price will keep increasing as more values are added regularly.

The Price Will Gradually Increased To $300/N250,000//GH¢ 3,495.85 /KSh 25,842

From $50 -$65 - $75- $85 - $100-$200-$300

Nigeria: From N30,000 -N40,000 - N50,000- N75,000 - N100,000 -N150,000 -N250,000

Ghana: From GH₵419 -GH₵500 - GH₵600- GH₵700 - GH₵800 -GH₵1,600 -GH₵3,495

Kenya: From KES3,101 -KES5,000 - KES6,000- KES7,000 - KES8,000 -KES16,000 -KES25,842

What this means is that, the best time to get on this training is today if you don't want to join at a higher fee.

My goal is to empower as many as possible to build a life that doesn't keep you impoverished and at the mercy of the government.

 Hence the tiny fee you'd have to invest today.

This Offer Expires in:


You missed out!

ONLY $50/N30,000/GH¢ 419.5/KSh 3,101.04

How To Make Payment In US Dollars, Ghana Cedis Kenya Shillings and Other International Currencies?

Simply click on the orange button below and you'll be taken to a page to fill in your details and create an account

And then you can make payment via Debit/Credit Card to gain instant access to the training without sending messages or speaking to anyone, even if it is 2am in the morning. 

The Price Will Gradually Increased To $300/N250,000//GH¢ 3,495.85 /KSh 25,842


How To Make Payment Securely In Naira Using Debit/ATM Card Via Paystack ?

Simply click on the orange button below and you'll be taken to a page to fill in your details and create an account

And then you can make payment via Debit/Credit Card to gain instant access to the training without sending messages or speaking to anyone, even if it is 2am in the morning. 

The Price Will Gradually Increased To $300/N250,000


How To Make Payment  In Naira Via Bank Transfer (For Nigerians Only)

Pay To The Bank Detail Below

Bank: GTB - Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Number:   0115737564

After Payment, send your payment details to WhatsApp: 09027424405

Offline Payment via bank transfer requires manual confirmation and approval

The Price Will Gradually Increased To $300/N250,000

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

A Few More Testimonials From Real People Like You:

Fast Action Bonuses

For the first 10 people to sign up for this training today, you'd also receive amazing bonuses that Worth $2,057.

In this 4-week online training program, you will discover the secrets on how to create your Facebook and Instagram  ads effectively, how to optimize for better results, and ultimately generate qualified leads and profitable sales

Below are some of the topics in this free course :

  •   Evergreen FB Marketing Formula
  • How To Create Your BF Business Account
  • How To Create Your FB Page
  • FB Page Crash Course
  • How To Create FB Pixel And Add To Your WWebsite
  • Setting Up Your Ads Manager Column Breakdown
  • Understanding Ads Manager & Objectives
  • How To Create Custom Audience
  • How To Create Retargeting Ads & Save Lost Traffic
  • Advanced Retargeting Method
  • How To Tweak Your Ad Targeting
  • How To Spy On Competitors FB Ads
  • And much more

Value: $299

This Facebook Ad Secrets Advance Course will help you prepare to scale your business to possibly 6-7 figures a year.

 Below are some of the topics in this free course :

  •  Security Measure - How To Set Ad Spend Limit
  • How To Spy On FB Ads - Page Transparency
  •  How To Optimize And Split Test FB Ads
  • How To Duplicate Ad Sets Correctly
  •  How To Create Custom Audience
  • How To Add Customer List To Audiences
  • How To Create Lookalike Audience
  • How To Do FB Retargeting
  • How To Delete Unused Page Posts
  • What To Do If FB Ad Account Disabled
  • What To Do With Hater Comments
  • And Many More

Value: $299

This video series will show you a more in-depth view of the features that cPanel provides and how you can take your website to the next level.

Below are some of the topics in this free course :
  • Introduction to cPanel
  • How to use the Video Tutorials feature
  • How to create MySQL database & how to insert data into the MySQL database
  • How to use Awstats and apply it to your business
  • What Softaculous is and how to use it
  •  How to set up an error page and a redirect
  • How to use File Manager effectively
  • Email Authentication
  • How to back up your websites and how to restore them
  • And much more!
Value: $249

 This ebook will give you 100 software creation ideas.  .

 You'll get tons of ideas for computer software, mobile/social networking apps, web site scripts and blog plug ins. You can use these ideas to create new ones to sell or to buy or use in your current business. These types of software can increase your profits, expand product line, increase your free time, lower your expenses, accelerate your traffic, etc.

Value: $27

With This Guide You Will Discover  Why You Should Get Into The Lucrative Software Business

If you are a serious entrepreneur, venturing other types of business model is mostly open to you. And the fact is that, considering the boom of online business model, tapping into the software business platform is also a good choice to start with.

The thing is that, if you are not familiar with the environment, inside this video series are the necessary information that you need for you to study the ins and outs of this new type of online business model.

Value: $27


With this guide you will discover how to writes sales copies that bring in 6 figures.

Below are some of the its topics in the guide:

  •     What is Copywriting & Why Is It So Important?
  •     The Basics of Copywriting: Important Terminology
  •     Tips for Writing Great Copy
  •     Speak to Your Audience
  •     Avoid Excessive Adjectives
  •     Be Specific
  •     Don’t Worry So Much about Grammar
  •     Keep it Simple
  •     Sense of Urgency – Get Them to Buy Now
  •     Close the Deal – Call-to-Action
  •     And so much more...
Value: $49
With this guide you will become a passionate and engaging speaker, as well as develop your idea so that you can host the best webinar possible.

In addition, you will learn concepts that are vital to webinars, such as the equipment that you will need, mastering Q&A’s, working with co-organizers and hiring staff and much more.

Below are some of the its topics in the guide:

  •     Pre-Requisites Required to Host a Successful Webinar
  •     Picking a Niche and Selecting Your Topic
  •     Advertising & Promotion
  •     Getting Your Presentation Ready
  •     Handling Queries
  •     Being the Best Presenter
  •     Co-Organizers,  Webinar Partners & Staff
  •     Monetizing Your Webinar
  •     And much more!

Value: $29

With this guide you will discover a list of strategies, tools and practices that can assist you building your Instagram business.

Below are some of the its topics in the guide:

  •     The Best Practices for Building your Instagram Business
  •     Learning To Use Instagram for Business
  •     Striking a Balance b/w Fun Images and Visuals Meant To Promote Your Business
  •     Nurture a Following on Your Instagram
  •     Make Good Use of Debut Videos
  •     Using Instagram Videos on Your Websites or Blogs
  •     Following Back As Many of Your Followers As You Can
  •     Create a Flexible and Workable Posting Schedule
  •     Post Images and Short Videos Relevant To Your Brand
  •     Leverage a Photo Contest on Your Instagram and Facebook Pages
  • and More

Value: $29

This guide will assist you in learning how Tik Tok Advertisements work and how you can access them to develop a more effective marketing approach.

Below are some of the its topics in the guide:

  • Statistical Verification of Tik Tok
  •  Everything About Features in Tik Tok
  • How to Make a Tik Tok Account?
  • How to Make a Video on TikTok
  • How to Grow on TikTok?
  • How Does the Marketing and Advertising Work on Tik Tok?
  •  Difference Between Alt and Elite Tik Tok.
  • Monetization from Tok Tok
  •  And much more!

Value: $49

Plus 12 Month Free Group Mentorship ($1,000 Value)

All these Bonuses Put Together Worth $2,057.

... but you are getting all of them for free today if you are among the 10 lucky people to place order today.

11 Spots Left This Offer

ONLY $50/N30,000/GH¢ 419.5/KSh 3,101.04

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get the values that I promised within 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


Thank you for considering the Advanced EASY SAAA BUSINESS MASTERCLASSS. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this course has something to offer.

I have put together a comprehensive program that will take you from beginner in SAAS business to the next level. With step-by-step guidance and real-world examples, you'll learn how to launch your own SAAS Business  without writing one line of code.

So don't wait, Get Access Now and start learning how to maximize your SAAS business potential!

Best regards,


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