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WordPress Expert Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced

Discover How to Develop Different Types Of Websites Using WordPress With Ease,  Without  Coding or Any Previous Experience and Save Tons Of Money On Your Marketing Budget.

Learn The Secrets Of WordPress As A Super Website Development Tool With This Complete WordPress Course For 202!

This Special Offer Close On

A lot of online business owners and freelancers spend so much money on tools and services they can create by themselves using WordPress

Some have watched tons of videos on YouTube and downloaded so many  WordPress videos without the ability to create the website of their dream with WordPress. 

Some of them, who are aware of the potentials of WordPress, try to create a WordPress site give up.

About 9 out of 10 WordPress sites never get completed, because of lack of knowledge.

A lot of these websites were started by people who never even made their first post using websites.

Some people think WordPress is too technical for them

Some don’t know they can create websites like Shopify, ClickFunnel, Edublogs  WebApp, CNN.com, ETC by themselves. 

So they spend so much money on tools and services they could make by themselves or hire expensive designers to do it for them.

Are you facing any of these?

So, If you’ve failed to create a WordPress site of your own or you’re thinking of doing so, pay close attention to the following…

You are about to become a WordPress Expert, even if you don’t know anything about web designing.

You are about to go from Beginner to Advanced WordPress Developer, even if you are not techy.

You are about to discover something amazing that will change all these now.

You might have been using WordPress for years and you think you are a pro, in WordPress Expert Course, you will discover so many tips, tricks, secrets, and tools you have never heard of or used. 


WordPress Expert Course is a complete WordPress course that take you from a beginner to an advanced WordPress developer. It’s a step-by-step hand on experience video course that shows you how to create different type of WordPress website without any previous experience.

WordPress Expert Course covers latest WordPress updates, so you are getting up-to-date WordPress training with ease.

When you get access to these brand new, up-to-date, training videos, you’ll discover the fastest & easy way to learn and master WordPress!

These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the WordPress creation process step-by-step.

The course is simple, complete, up-to-date and easy to comprehend.

If you can get access to WordPress Expert Course videos, you’ll be up and running in no time!

You see, the problem most people face is a lack of actionable instruction guides or videos.

You don’t have to worry anymore – Your Solutions Are Right Here!!

It doesn’t matter if you are not a techy. With these step-by-step video guides, simply watch over the shoulder as I show you.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 35% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Get Access To The Course

  Immediately you signed up, you will get access to download all 317 Video Lessons in the 14 modules course without delay.

After going through this course, you will be able to create different types of websites without spending so much money to hire someone else to do it for you.

You will also be able to:

Setup Your Own Websites With Ease and Save Tons Of Money
  • Setup Your Own Websites With Ease
  • Save Tons of Your Marketing Cost by Creating Some of Your Tools and Services That You are Currently Paying For, by Yourself.
  • Create Company, News, Blog, eCommerce, Forums, Websites With Ease
  • Secure Your Website without Programming Knowledge
  • Launch Your Own Web Development Web Agency
Create Your Own eCommerce Stores Like Shopify and Amazon
  • Set Up Your Online Course, Membership and Digital Products Websites
  • Build Your Startup Websites with Ease
  • Create Your Own eCommerce Store Like Shopify and Amazon by Yourself
  • Build Your Own In-house Funnel  Website like ClickFunnel and Save Tons of Recurring Monthly Payments
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization On Your WordPress Website
Create Your Own Webapp Using WordPress  Multisite
  • Create Your Own LMS Websites Like Udemy, Teachable, Podia, Skillshare, etc.
  • Build Your Networks or  WordPress Based Webapp With WordPress Multisite Without Hiring a Developer
  • Create Your Own Sales page and Funnel With Plugins By Yourself
Generate Traffic To and Speed up your WordPress Website With Ease
  • Create Website for others and make money as A Freelancer 
  • Generate Traffic To Your Site With Ease
  • Speed Up Your WordPress website
  • Secure Your WordPress website
  • Maintain Your  WordPress website
  • Master The Use of Gutenberg Block editor

Who Is This  Course For?

If you belong to any of these categories of people, then this course is a must-have for you.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Online Business owners

  • Freelancers

  • Agency Owners

  • Digital marketers

  • Product Creators

  • Online Vendors

  • Bloggers

  • Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced WordPress Users

Here’s what people are saying about WordPress Expert Course


p style=”text-align: center;”>Amazing testimonies from customers like you.


p style=””>Mary


Detailed Explanation and Lessons

This is a very detailed explanation and illustration course. I use two computers. One to watch the training videos, the other for practicing while the trainer was explaining, I am able to follow and I must say this is one of the best courses I have paid for.

I can now call myself a WordPress EXPERT now.


Digital Marketer

Highly Recommended!

This course helped me get a full mastery of WordPress. The Technavel team really did a good job. by making the steps easy to follow and comprehend every part of the course it Is highly recommended!



I am Launching My Own Web Development Agency

The course has been very easy to follow along with and it has allowed me to go at my own pace. I’m learning a lot and feel confident to launch my own web development agency and make great websites for my clients.

What’s In WordPress Expert Course?

WordPress Expert Course Contains 14 Modules With 317 Videos Lessons.

Each Of The Modules Are Independent Of Others.


Module 1: Introduction To WordPress

Here you will be introduced to the world of WordPress. It introduces you to the WordPress software, the new items being added with each new version. It also gives you a tour of the Admin Dashboard and walks you through the first steps of setting up your WordPress site.

Here Are What You Will Learn In Introduction To WordPress:

  • A look at what is new with version 5.x & the Gutenberg Editor
  • Much faster installation method than described most anywhere else
  • How to prevent Server Crashing Brute Force attacks
  • This module will remove any confusion between the differences in WordPress.com & WordPress.org
  • A detailed tour of all the different items in the Settings panel in the Admin area
  • We’ll also explore the Admin Dashboard

/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdivdiv/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong2/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 2: WordPress Security/strong/h6/divdivp style=”” This module covers how to secure your WordPress site. The popularity of WordPress makes it a target for the bad guys and this course will keep your site safe. This could cost you big bucks to pay someone to do these items for you, BUT it can cost you a lot more if these steps are not done and someone breaks into your site./pp style=””brstrongHere Are What You Will Learn How To Keep Your WordPress 5.x Site Safe & Secure From Hackers:/strong/pulli style=””Tips & Shortcuts That Will Make You A WordPress Security Expert Faster./lili style=””It doesn’t matter if you are not techy, with these step-by-step video guides./lili style=””How (AND Why) you need to block Hackers from seeing Usernames/lili style=””How to prevent Server Crashing Brute Force attacks/lili style=””What to look for in a more secure hosting service (Normal & Managed)/lili style=””Security begins at home and it shows you how/lili style=””If (or WHEN) you get hacked, Video 16 details one of the first things you do./li/ulp data-empty=”true” style=”text-align: center;”strongSample Video/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdivdiv/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong3/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 3: Content Creation/strong/h6/divdivp “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””In This Module, You Will Discover How To Use Your WordPress 5.x Content Creation Tools and Tips & Shortcuts That Will Make You A WordPress Content Creation Master!brContent Creation contains 2 separate ‘Sections’ – One for the Block Editor & the other for the Classic Editor. Both walk you through the different items within your/pp “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””br/pp “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””WordPress site that allows you to create your content? /pp “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””What is the difference between a post and a page, how to use the Media Manager and much more?brbrstrongHere Are strongWhat /strongYou Will Learn In WordPress Content Creation:/strong/pulli “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””What a Post Format is & why you may NOT see them on your site/lili “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””What the difference is between Pages and Posts/lili “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””Your Media Library – How to add, edit and manage your files & which files you shouldn’t add/lili “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””How to SECURELY deliver an Amazon S3 hosted audio file playlist using a FREE Plugin/lili “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””Where to safely download FREE Plugins/lili “=”” style=”” tve-droppable”=””A detailed tour of the Post & Page Block Editor window/li/ulp =””=”” style=”text-align: center;” tve-droppable”=”” “=””strongSample Video/strongbr/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv data-float=”1″div/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong4/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 4: Create Website with Local Hosting and Without Internet/strong/h6/divdivp style=””Discover How To Create & Customize WordPress Sites Without Internet Access. brIn This Module, you will discover steps in setting up a fully functioning WordPress site on your computer./pp style=”” /pp style=””This is where you can learn and test things on your localhosted WordPress site. Do your testing here instead of your live site and once you see everything works, then do those customizations or tweaks on your live site. Plus you’ll learn how to move your localhosted site to your live host and vice versa.brbrstrongHere Are strongWhat /strongWhat You Will Learn In This Module:/strong/pulli style=””Three (And ALL FREE) different ways to install WordPress on your computer’s desktop & why one is way better than the other two/lili style=””Various troubleshooting tips to get you out of a jam/lili style=””The different local hosting packages, why I chose the one I did/lili style=””How to move a local (desktop) WordPress site to a live (online) hosting environment/lili style=””How to move a live (online) WordPress site to a local (desktop) hosting environment/li/ulp “=”” style=”text-align: center;”>Sample Video


Module 5: Website Speed

In This Module, You Will Discover Proven Step-By-Step Formula Dramatically Speeds Up Your WordPress Sites and How To Add That Google Loving Page Speed With Zero Cost Tools!

WordPress Page Speed module shows you various methods to speed up your WordPress site and keep it running fast. From your hosting service to things on your site that can be adjusted for peak performance.Here Are What You Will Learn In Website Speed:

  • Five (And ALL FREE) different speed testing tools and why you should use them
  • The Before & After Speed Test for each issue we address, and all the steps used to make those improvements!
  • Why you SHOULD NOT try for a perfect score on these speed testing tools
  • Which is the most important performance optimization step to take & just how easy it is when you know how?
  • Which is my favorite WordPress site speed testing tool and why?

/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdivdiv/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong6/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 6: WordPress SEO/strong/h6/divdivp style=””Discover How To Outrank Your Competitors, Crush Authority Websites and Dominate Google & Bing Using FREE Tools.brWordPress SEO is important if you want to enjoy the benefits of free traffic from search engines. You will learn how to properly install and configure one of the most powerful and popular SEO plugins on the market right now.brbrbrstrongHere Are strongWhat /strongYou Will Learn In WordPress SEO:/strong/pulli style=””How to write search engine-loving posts & pages!/lili style=””A walkthrough of using Yoast Meta Box with both the Gutenberg & non-Gutenberg editors/lili style=””Step By Step, how to properly configure the Yoast SEO plugin/lili style=””The biggest mistake people make when using the Yoast SEO plugin and how to prevent it from happening to them./lili style=””How to customize your 404 error page and WHY you need to do it (video 20)./li/ulp “=”” style=”text-align: center;”>Sample Video


Module 7: Theme Customization

Theme Customization is how you can quickly make your WordPress site stand out from the crowd or the millions of other WordPress sites on the web. This is a fun course and a great idea is to first setup your localhosted site and then customize your theme there before doing these on your live site. Don’t worry, It is easy to do.

Hack Your Theme! Tips & Tricks To Customize Your WordPress Themes and Copy & Paste Your Way To A Faster Loading Customized WordPress Site.Here Are What You Will Learn In Theme Customization Module:

  • How to quickly and easily preserve all your customizations when WordPress rolls out its updates
  • How to convert an existing plugin you probably already have, into a message board that randomly displays your own custom messages
  • The steps to create customize & add a shortcode to your posts and pages that display personalized messages to the logged in users.
  • The Very Important items are required BEFORE any customizations take place.

/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv data-float=”1″div/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong8/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 8: Building Forum With WordPress/strong/h6/divdivp style=””Discover The Ease Of Building Your Own Forum Using Only FREE tools and Develop Your Content Generating Forum Is Easy Once You Know How./pp style=””brWordPress Forum setup walks you through the steps involved in properly setting up a forum and gives you examples of other forums to see how theirs are set up. A Forum is a powerful addition to anyone’s site for several reasons and we touch on those reasons as well.brbrstrongHere Are You Will Learn In Building Forum with WordPress Module:/strong/pulli style=””How to eliminate most all spam from ever entering your Forum – AUTOMATICALLY!/lili style=””The basic structure of an easy-to-navigate forum./lili style=””Step by step how to create forums, topics & organize them in categories/lili style=””How to convert an existing Forum from a different app into BBPress. This can be a nightmare if you do not know what you are doing/lili style=””Customizing tricks and I include copy & paste code snippets to make it even easier./li/ulp “=”” style=”text-align: center;”>Sample Video


Module 9: Best Of Plugins

In This Module, You Will Discover The Must Have WordPress Plugins For Internet Business Owners and How To Build A Custom Plug-in. Stop Adding Custom Code To Your Child Theme & Use This Instead. Stop Guessing Which The Best & Safest Plugins Are For Your Business.

WordPress Plugins are a major part of your WordPress site. They provide additional functionality that allows you to pretty much make your WordPress site do whatever you want it to do. This course will break down what a plugin is and even show you how to build a basic plugin that you can use on your own site. Here Are What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Know Which FREE OR PAID Plugins Are The Best When There Are 1000’s To Choose From!
  • A Free & Lightweight Contact Us Form Plugin!
  • Which Plugins Are Compatible With Your Version Of WordPress?
  • Which Plugins Will Slow Your Site Down? You DO NOT Have To Sacrifice Load Speed For Features!

/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdivdiv/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong10/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 10: WordPress Multisite/strong/h6/divdivp style=””WordPress Multisite is a built-in feature of WordPress that lets you build  networks of WordPress sites all from within a single main site that you control. All the guesswork is removed with these videos. You’ll know what a multisite is, why you might want one and of course how to build & secure them./ppbrWith WordPress Multisite, you can build your own Webapp such as page builders, Like Ipage, websites builder like WIX, and blogging webapp like wordpress.com and blogger./ppbrWith this module, you can do a lot of WordPress Multisite if you can master it.brIt Is Time For You To Profit From The Power Of WordPress Multisites and Runs All Your WordPress Sites From A Single Installation!brbrstrongHere Are What You Will Learn In WordPress Multisite Module:/strong/pulliHow To Build WordPress Multisite Networks With Ease/liliWhich Files Cannot Be Shared Between Sites – But Also How To Work Around That If You Want To/liliSeveral Ways To Create New Users For Your Network Of SitesbrBy Default, WordPress Does NOT Allow Site Visitors To Register For An Individual Site – Here Is Your Work-Around/liliWhat The Individual Site Admins CAN Do With Themes That The Super Admins CANNOT/liliHow To Use The Two Different Types Of Plugins – The Multisite Only &, All The Other Ones/li/ulp tve-u-1686119b904″”=”” style=”text-align: center;”strongSample Video/strong/p/divdivp style=””/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdivdiv/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong11/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 11: Create eCommerce Store with WordPress/strong/h6/divdivp style=””Discover How to Launch Your Own Online Store TODAY. eCommerce Is A Multi-BILLION Dollar Industry. You can create your own eCommerce store and save tons of money others spend on tools like Shopify. eCommerce is what many of us are mainly interested in when it comes to WordPress./pp style=””brHow Can I Make Money?/pp style=”” brThe training in this section will introduce you to a couple of no-cost tools that allows you to build a small one-person online shop or you can easily scale it up to a huge enterprise, like Amazon.brbrstrongHere Are  What You Will Learn In eCommerce Module:/strong/pp style=””br/pulli style=””How To  Setup Your Own Online Store With Ease/lili style=””How to connect Stripe AND PayPal to your eStore – Step By Step.brThe rarely used method of adding products to your eStore (plus it’s the easiest)./lili style=””How to manually AND automatically configure the settings of your eStore site Application./lili style=””Some tax tips that can keep you out of trouble./lili style=””How to generate product ideas and to make sure they aren’t already trademarked!/lili style=””And how to take those product ideas and easily add them to a hat, mug, t-shirt and more./li/ulp “=”” style=”text-align: center;”>Sample Video


Module 12: Traffic Generation

In This Module, You Discover The Insider Secrets To Generating All The Traffic Your WordPress Site Can Handle and Sit Back and Learn Some Real Traffic Methods Today.WordPress Traffic Generation is one of the more important training modules of WordPress Expert Course because it covers some tips and techniques on generating traffic to your sites. You can have the best site on the web but if no one visits your site it is just a waste of time.Here Are You Will Learn In Traffic Generation Module:

  • Why it is so important to capture your site visitors email information AND how to do it.
  • Several ways to generate long-term traffic from your own repurposed content.
  • How to locate & build a following of like-minded people using Social Media
  • The importance of using Google Analytics to track AND increase your WordPress site visitors.
  • How to turn your blog posts into Slide-Decks, PDFs & Videos using paid and FREE tools!

/p/div/div/div/div/div/div/div/div/divdivdiv/divdivdivdiv/divdivdiv style=”–tcb-col-el-width:820;”divdiv style=””divdivdivdiv/divdivdivp style=”text-align: center;”strong13/strong/p/div/div/div/div/div/divdiv style=””divdiv data-tag=”h6″h6 style=””strongModule 13: WordPress Maintenance/strong/h6/divdivp style=””WordPress Maintenance is a Time Saver – NOT a Time Waster! This module provides checklists of Daily, Monthly & Annual tasks with training videos showing the How-To for those tasks. This Module is a complete Guide To WordPress Maintenance. Its WordPress Maintenance Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It!brbrstrongHere Are  What You Will Learn In WordPress Maintenance Module:/strong/pulli style=””Where to find (or create) error logs & what to do with them./lili style=””The two types of WP Core updates and why only one should be used immediately/lili style=””Several FREE site health testing services which that I use./lili style=””How to locate broken links on your site and what to do with them when found./lili style=””Different methods to clean up your Database./li/ulp “=”” style=”text-align: center;”>Sample Video


Module 14- WordPress Gutenberg (Block) Editor

In This Module, You Will Discover How To Make Gutenberg Work For You. This Gutenberg training package is a must-have for New or Long-time WordPress Users. These videos will make them a Gutenberg Master in no time.Here Are What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Two Different Methods Of Creating ‘Jump Links’ (& What A Jump Link Is).
  • Ways To Profit From The Gutenberg Editor That No One Is Telling You About – UNTIL NOW
  • How To Remove The Stress Of Converting Your Old Content Into Gutenberg.
  • The Many Time-Saving Shortcuts
  • The Awesome Design Features You Can Create When You Combine These 2 Blocks.
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